community life

We recognise that accessing and integrating into community life looks different for different people but we want to make this as easy as possible for you should you choose to make Taunton Vineyard your home. On the Newcomers page you can find out how this might look for you initially. We do also, however, recommend 4 other key things you can do to engage in the life of the church most effectively:

  • Attend on Sundays. We believe that coming together as a church on Sunday to worship together is both biblical and incredibly important. We believe that we are both ‘scattered servants’ during the week in different ways, yet also ‘gathered saints’ on a Sunday. Sundays are also vital in keeping connected with the whole body and receiving vision, teaching, encouragement and blessing (in order to give it away to our communities).

  • Join a small group. This is where you can both get to know others and allow them to get to know you. It is the place to be open, accountable, trained and supported as you serve, as well as a place to have fun! It’s also the primary place where you can be nurtured and best supported.

  • Give. The issue here isn’t that we want your money - we want people to be committed disciples of Jesus and giving is an important element of this. Whatever we give (be it time, energy or money) God honours it and is grateful for it. We believe that giving (a) is part of being a follower of God, (b) releases blessing and freedom to the giver and also to the church, (c) indicates and strengthens our commitment to the local church, and (d) enables the church to function. To find out how to give regularly go to our giving page.

  • Join a team. Serving is a blessing, a privilege and a vital part of growing as a follower of Jesus. It also helps you get connected in relationship to others and is a great context to learn about the Kingdom of God, discover and exercise your gifts and to teach others to do the same. You grow as you go, and you get as you give!



Small Groups

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Small Groups are places where real life is done… where you can be open and build relationships, where you can learn to worship intimately and to minister in the power of the Holy Spirit, where you can be equipped for life through God’s Word, and where you can serve others as well as growing in your own gifts and calling. Small groups can be accessed through more formal sign up below, or just by going along to a group of your choice. If you’ve been to our church on a Sunday, we even hope you may have been invited by one of our small group leaders to come along!

To see more details and to sign up to a Small Group, please follow the links below. If you are on MyChurchSuite you can also sign up through the app.




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We have a number of other activities running regularly throughout the year, which sit alongside our Small Groups. For more information on these please see the calendar.





Our church is made up of teams serving in different ways; from putting out chairs on a Sunday, to serving refreshments, creating media, having fun in the Children’s groups, operating the sound and many more. There are lots of ways to get involved and also to get to know people…

If you are looking for a place to serve, then the One Team is an excellent place to start. This is the group of people that enable Sunday mornings to happen at Taunton Vineyard Church.

The Worship team are responsible for leading the congregation in sung worship each Sunday and in Small Groups. There are a number of ways to serve as part of this team, such as musician, PA setup, projection or as an intercessor.

We run Youth and Children’s groups for all ages. The children and young people are a valuable part of our church and we are always looking for more volunteers to join us.

We run a number of Compassion Ministries, including CAP (Christians Against Poverty) debt help and MakeLunch, where there are a variety of opportunities to serve.

If you would like to be contacted about joining a team - please fill out the ‘event’ form here.




A list of our upcoming events can be found below. You can sign up to the events by following the links or by heading to MyChurchSuite. There are more details of what is happening at Taunton Vineyard on the calendar page.